Wellcome Trust startar OA-tidskrift: eLife

Wellcome Trust arbetar som bekant med att skärpa kraven för OA-publicering av de artiklar som skapats baserade på finansiering från fonden. Som ett led i strävan mot mer öppenhet etablerar  Wellcome nu en OA-tidskrift: eLife.

Följande står bland annat att läsa i The Guardians artikel om Wellcomes initiativ:

Sir Mark Walport, the director of Wellcome Trust, said that his organisation is in the final stages of launching a high calibre scientific journal called eLife that would compete directly with top-tier publications such as Nature and Science, seen by scientists as the premier locations for publishing. Unlike traditional journals, however, which cost British universities hundreds of millions of pounds a year to access, articles in eLife will be free to view on the web as soon as they are published.

Mer om eLife finns att läsa i Wellcome Trust’s blogg.