OA-avtal hos Springer och Wiley

Två intressanta OA-avtal i Nederländerna respektive Storbritannien

Springer och VSNU

Negotiations with Springer have yielded an agreement in principle for 2015 and 2016. Instead of a paid subscription model, the publisher will now charge for the open access publication of articles in almost all Springer journals (1,500 titles). This concerns all articles by corresponding authors from institutions currently entering into the new agreement with Springer. Researchers will not have to pay APC’s for these articles. All journals previously featured in the portfolio will remain accessible to Dutch researchers, who will continue to enjoy current user rights. This agreement will result in a minimal rise in costs, reflecting a win-win situation for the Dutch scientific community: no APC’s will apply for the 1,500 journals in question.

VSNU Open Access Newsletter

Wiley och JISC

John Wiley and Sons has announced a pilot agreement, brokered by Jisc, for articles published on an open access basis. The agreement follows discussions, between Jisc, Wiley and the UK library community, and is intended to enable greater support for universities during the transition to open access.

Running from January 2015 to December 2017, the agreement provides credits for article processing charges (APCs) to universities that license Wiley journal content under the terms of the Jisc journal agreement. This means that universities that pay both subscription charges for publications and fees to make articles open access will receive APC credits based on the total prior year spend. The APC credits will be available when publishing in the Wiley Open Access journal publishing program as well OnlineOpen, Wiley’s hybrid open access option.

Customers need to have a Wiley Open Access Account set up to be eligible to receive their APC credits. Wiley Open Access Accounts provide discounts on APCs and the Account Dashboard reduces the administrative burden on both authors and institutions.

Jisc News

/Ilona Johansson, Kungl. biblioteket


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