Joint Nordic Meeting on Open Access and Licensing

In the middle of June representatives from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden convened in Stockholm for a Joint Nordic Meeting on Licenses and Open Access. The participants came from NOAF, the Nordic Open Access Forum, and Nordlic, a group formed by license managers at Nordic consortia with a long tradition of annual meetings. This was the first joint meeting between these two groups.

Photo: Camilla Smith

The meeting kicked off with a workshop on Joint Principles & Checklist for Open Access Terms in Publisher Agreements with Nordic Consortia”. Feedback from the workshop was collected and has been added to the drafted documents. Revised documents have been sent out to participants for review.

Ulf Kronman. Photo: Anna Lundén

A second workshop entitled “Open APC Nordic?” followed. Open APC Sweden is an open repository for collecting and sharing APC information, created by the National Library of Sweden. The initiative is inspired by the German INTACT project Open APC. The workshop groups discussed the possibilities of creating a Nordic Open APC repository. Participants agreed that sharing APC information, methodologies and experiences are important. A follow-up discussion is planned to take place this fall in Copenhagen.

Participants enjoying a dinner at Hasselbacken restaurant after the first day of the meeting. Photo: Camilla Smith

The following day, Nordlic and NOAF had separate meetings. The Nordlic meeting started with reports on current issues in each consortium. The meeting continued with discussions on common renegotiations for 2018, communication strategies, ConsortiaManager and the sharing of confidential information. The NOAF meeting shared information on current open access topics in the Nordic countries followed by presentations on OA monographs, flipping national journals from toll access to open access, open access discovery services and the upcoming Open Access Week.

The concept of a joint meeting was successful and much appreciated and a second meeting is planned to take place in Denmark next spring.

Happy participants of the first Joint Nordic meeting on Open Access and Licensing. Photo: Susanne Gustafsson


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