Swedish APC data now part of the Open APC initiative

Christoph Broschinski
Christoph Broschinski

Thanks to the excellent work done by Christoph Broschinski at Bielefeld University Library, 1550 APC data records from 13 Swedish institutions gathered within the Open APC Sweden project has now been integrated with the project INTACT’s Open APC initiative.


Christoph  Broschinski has authored a blog entry about the integration with INTACT showing some of the results for the Swedish data. Below is an excerpt from the Swedish statistics presented by Christoph:

Part of the Swedish APC data presented at Christoph’s blog entry. Click to see the details.
Treemap of Swedish APC data
Dynamic tree-map of Swedish APC data. Click to view and interact.

Further visualisations of the Swedish APC data can be viewed as a dynamic tree-map and Swedish APC data is now a part of the global mapping of APC cost data in the Open APC initiative.

Map of Swedish APC data. Click to get to the world map and then drill down to Europe -> Sweden.

The Swedish project group would like to thank Christoph for his kind contribution and the useful results produced.  At the same time, we would like to urge more Swedish institutions to come onboard and deliver data to Open APC Sweden and be a part of the global picture of APC costs. If you want to contribute with data to Open APC Sweden, just contact us; details are on the Open APC Sweden website.

Greetings from the Open APC Sweden project group: Beate Eellend, Camilla Smith and Ulf Kronman.