Stronger focus on research in new ordinance to the National Library

The National Library of Sweden (NLS) shall promote Swedish research quality and the advancement of a democratic society by providing source material and an efficient research infrastructure. This is evident from an updated ordinance to the NLS after a decision by the Swedish Government.


Photo: Istvan Borbas/National Library of Sweden

The NLS shall also help researchers make their findings accessible, as well as support libraries’ work in making this knowledge available. In addition, the NLS shall provide data that presents a comprehensive overview of Swedish scientific publications. The aim is to increase access to science-based information for private individuals and businesses.

Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson. Photo: Mikael Lundgren/The Government Offices

– In its role as the national library, the NLS collects everything printed and published in Sweden, thus fulfilling an important function for research. This decision clarifies the task of the NLS to protect democracy by spreading knowledge based on high-quality research, said Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister of Higher Education and Research.

The NLS will have continued responsibility for cultural heritage by collecting, describing, preserving and providing material.  Further, it will retain its task of maintaining a national overview of Sweden’s libraries and promoting inter-library cooperation.

The revised ordinance is a result of a general review of all instructions and letters of regulation to Swedish authorities in the light of the work on trust-based governance conducted by the Ministry of Education and the government.

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