Webbinarier om CRIS, DOAJ och DOAB

Två webbinarier, ett kommande och ett som varit:

Free UKSG webinar – Current Research Information Systems (CRIS): What are they and what do they do?

A Current Research Information System, usually known as a “CRIS”, is a system designed to help with the information management of research activity at an institution. The systems provide a common approach to organising data such that they can be used for many purposes, including support for evaluation of research, support for research assessment, compliance management and to assist in the promotion and access to the outcomes of research. CRIS also aim to provide a ‘one stop shop’ of information used for staff CVs and other researcher profiles.

This webinar will provide a brief and general overview of a CRIS and describe how such a system is being used at the University of Edinburgh.

Date: Tuesday 17 March 2015

Time: 1400 GMT  (1500 CET).

Duration: 45 minutes including Q&A (up to 60 minutes maximum if there is sufficient demand for an extended Q&A)

Unable to attend? Register anyway and we will send you a link to a recording of the webinar after the event. If you have already registered and are subsequently unable to attend, please do not cancel your registration – only active registrations will receive the recording in a follow-up e-mail.



EIFL webinar on Open Access Journals and Books

Dom Mitchell (DOAJ) and Ronald Snijder (DOAB) discuss how to find Open Access (OA) e-books and journals.

EIFL recently held a webinar showcasing the Directory of Open Access Books and the Directory of Open Access Journals, the two leading directories of Open Access content. During the interactive webinar librarians and researchers learnt how they can use and promote quality-controlled open access (OA) content.


/Ilona Johansson, Kungl. biblioteket

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