Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Practice: LIBER / SPARC Europe Workshop in Patras, Greece

We are happy to announce and invite you to a workshop, jointly hosted by SPARC Europe and the LIBER Open Access Working Group. The event will take place just before the start of LIBER2017 in Patras, Greece, on July 5th. The aim of the workshop will be to collect and discuss good practices and current issues and challenges related to Open Access and Open Data implementation today.

The workshop Bridging the gap between policy and practice: How do we make open the default? will focus primarily on four questions or conundrums:

1)  How can institutions engage more with researchers to enable more Open Access/Open Data sharing?

2) How can we simplify the process of publishing Open Access/Open Data for researchers and/or administrators?

3) How can institutions reward researchers for contributing more to Open Access/Open Data?

4) How can institutions take more of lead in the dissemination of their research information?

Your story

In preparation for the workshop, we are looking for several examples of good practices to share in each of the four sessions. You will have the opportunity to tell your stories of practices that have worked, as well as challenges you are faced with.

These will be incorporated into the workshop, where you can speak to your progress as well as concerns. If you have an initiative you would like to submit for discussion please contact us by 20 May, and provide us with a title, a short description, and indicate which session your good practice best applies. Please send your suggestion to

We look forward to facilitating an experience that will result in concrete takeaways to help you and others achieve greater Open Access to publications and Open Data in your institution or country.

This workshop is an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones in the context of resolving common challenges together. LIBER and SPARC Europe invite you to join us!

You can sign up for the workshop and conference here.

Kind regards,

LIBER Working Group on Open Access

Sparc Europe


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