Bridging the gap between policy and practice: How do we make open the default?

Numerous international, national and local initiatives are contributing to making Open Access and Open Data the default. This joint workshop by Sparc Europe and Liber Open Access Working Group at Liber 2017 aims at collecting good practices in order to give delegates an idea of how Open Access and Open Data can be implemented in their country, consortium or institution.

During the workshop, we will focus on four questions themes:

  • How can institutions engage more with researchers to enable more Open Access (OA) and Open Data (OD) sharing?
  • How can we simplify the process of publishing  OA/OD for researchers and/or administrators?
  • How can institutions reward researchers for contributing more to OA/OD?
  • How can institutions take more of a lead in the dissemination of their own research information?

Your story

During the session, we look forward to facilitating the sharing of good practices and providing concrete take-aways to help achieve greater open access to publications and open data in your institution or country. We are also interested in hearing from you on what still needs to be done in these four areas based on your particular perspective and experiences.

LIBER Working Group on Open Access
Sparc Europe


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