Not able to attend LOA 2018? Conference recordings and slides are now available 

All video recordings, slides, and posters from the conference LOA2018 are now available via LOA2018 was arranged by the National Library of Sweden on 1 June in Stockholm and dedicated to licenses and open access, with a focus on the transition from a subscription-based to an open access publishing system. The morning sessions were held in English.


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Frågor och svar när Bibsamavtalet med Elsevier upphör 1 juli

Varför förnyas inte avtalet med Elsevier?


Elsevier har inte kunnat tillmötesgå Bibsamkonsortiets krav om omedelbar öppen tillgång till alla artiklar publicerade i Elseviers tidskrifter av forskare som är affilierade till konsortiets deltagande organisationer; läsrättigheter till Elseviers 1900 tidskrifter för deltagande organisationer; samt en hållbar prismodell som möjliggör en omvandling till öppen tillgång.

När sägs avtalet med Elsevier upp?

Avtalet för tidskrifter har sagts upp per den 30 juni 2018.

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Q&A about the cancellation of the agreement with Elsevier commencing 1 July

Why was the agreement with Elsevier not renewed?

Elsevier has not been able to meet the demands of the Bibsam Consortium: immediate open access to all articles published in Elsevier’s journals by researchers affiliated to one of the consortium’s participating organisations; reading access to Elsevier’s 1900 journals for participating organisations, and, lastly, a sustainable price model which makes a transition to open access possible.





When will the Agreement with Elsevier be terminated?

The current agreement for Elsevier’s journals has been cancelled as of the 30th of June 2018.

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Sweden commits to Open Science with new Open Access publishing deal with Frontiers

Swedish researchers can now publish their articles in Frontiers’ Open Access journals through a simplified process with discounted fees, thanks to a national agreement announced today between Frontiers and the National Library of Sweden (NLS), on behalf of the organisations participating in the Bibsam Consortium.

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Nordic consortia endorse LIBER’s open access principles

LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries, has recently published a new strategy for publisher negotiations containing five open access principles. The new strategy aligns with OA2020 and their mission outlined in ”Expression of interest in the large-scale implementation of open access to scholarly journals,” which all Nordic consortia have signed. As a consequence, the Nordic consortia would hereby jointly like to endorse LIBER’s principles and aim to meet them in negotiations. As all Nordic countries have different national open access strategies, the relevance of all LIBER’s principles may differ from country to country.


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