The Bibsam Consortium

Since 1996 the National Library of Sweden negotiates agreements for e-journals and databases including open access publications on behalf of Swedish universities, university colleges, governmental agencies and research institutes. This is called the Bibsam Consortium. Today 85 organisations participate in at least one of the current agreements and the total turnover is € 36 million.

The Bibsam Consortium administers around 40 agreements comprising a total of 100 e-resource packages. The Consortium is administered by the NLS and governed by a steering committee consisting of representatives nominated by the Swedish Rectors’ Conference, the Association of Special Libraries and the National Library of Sweden. The steering committee is headed by the Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University, Astrid Söderbergh Widding.

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Elsevier: Information from the Bibsam Consortium

Sverige tar ställning för öppen tillgång – avtalet med Elsevier sägs upp [pressmeddelande]
Bibsamkonsortiets avtal med Elsevier upphör:  länkar och mer information
Alternativa accessvägar
Frågor och svar
Questions and answers [in English]
Sweden stands up for open access – cancels agreement with Elsevier [press release in English]

Articles about Elsevier

2018-06-11 Why did Sweden cancel its agreement with Elsevier? (Podcast)
2018-05-21 Universitet säger upp avtal med förlagsjätte
2018-05-21 The circuitous road towards open access: Swedish universities to pull the plug on Elsevier
2018-05-18 Sverige tar strid mot vetenskapsjätten – branschen jublar
2018-05-18 Uppsägningen av Elsevieravtalet
2018-05-17 Europe’s open-access drive escalates as university stand-offs spread
2018-05-17 Orimliga villkor bakom strandade förhandlingar med Elsevier
2018-05-16 La suède se mobilise pour le libre accès et rompt ses accords avec Elsevier
2018-05-16 Sweden cancels Elsevier contract as open-access dispute spreads
2018-05-16 Sweden Cancels Agreement With Elsevier Over Open Access
2018-05-16 Sverige säger upp avtalet med förlaget Elsevier

Information from the Bibsam Consortium

2018-06-15 Sverige tar ställning för öppen tillgång – avtalet med Elsevier sägs upp
2018-06-15 Sweden stands up for open access – cancels agreement with Elsevier [in English]
2018-06-01 Sweden commits to Open Science with new Open Access publishing deal with Frontiers
2018-05-15 100 % öppen tillgång (open access) i nytt Bibsamavtal med De Gruyter


Britt-Marie Wideberg, Coordinator, Bibsam Consortium, National Library of Sweden
+46 (0)70 007 36 60

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